m2 marketing

Graphic Design

m2 marketing manages the design of your marketing materials from concept to print. We can design logos, brochures, sales folders, flyers, letterhead, business cards, product packaging, and much more.

example of Logos


Check out our gallery of m2 original logos that we've created in-house. We take pride in creating a personalized brand for our clients that reflects who they are — and that all starts with a logo.


We've created printed brochures for a wide variety of clients ranging from charities, to restaurants, to finance institutions and everything in between. Get a professional brochure created for your business today!

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example of Business Cards

Business Cards

Business cards are essential to building credibility right from the beginning. As soon as you hand someone your business card that is their first impression of your business — make it a great one!


Promote your business on the big stage. We create signage ranging from a small poster to a large scale billboard. Give your business a chance to stand out with some m2 created signage!

example of Signage
example of Branding


Creating a strong brand identity is of the utmost importance. We understand that your brand needs to promote the best aspects of your business. Let us ensure that your brand reflects your core values.


Want to promote an upcoming event or product? We work with our clients to create advertisements that get the attention of their intended audience. Start marketing the right way.

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example of Presentation Materials

Presentation Materials

When it comes to making a presentation, there's nothing like being prepared. We make sure that you have all of the materials you need when it comes to your big day. Give a presentation that leaves an impression!


Keeping in touch with your clients is crucial to building your business. We design newsletters that are engaging, but also drive users to take action. Let us take your business to new heights with a new email campaign!

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